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18 February 2010 @ 10:01 pm
♥ desde mi escritorio me vengaré.  
4 psd files for all 8DDD! -jumps and fail D:- Well, I'm new in this ,so please forgive me if something is wrong -that means everything!- aasdasda I hope you like it :'D! ah! and go to the lj-cut for more info and the rules 9o9.
Holitas :F! jaja weno aquí unos psds malhechos y con telarañas que para algun otro le servirán jaja xD , mi gata me está asesinando ya me voy :'D Chau ~


PSD1 = download

PSD2 = download

PSD3 = download

PSD4 = download

 Credit and comment please 9o9 if you use.
 Enjoy 8DDD
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