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18 February 2010 @ 10:01 pm
4 psd files for all 8DDD! -jumps and fail D:- Well, I'm new in this ,so please forgive me if something is wrong -that means everything!- aasdasda I hope you like it :'D! ah! and go to the lj-cut for more info and the rules 9o9.
Holitas :F! jaja weno aquí unos psds malhechos y con telarañas que para algun otro le servirán jaja xD , mi gata me está asesinando ya me voy :'D Chau ~

Mr.Sun came out and he smiled at me :DCollapse )
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18 February 2002 @ 05:08 pm

The first icon batch in the history of this community :'_D! -YAYS!-  daah however! these aren't really nice as I wanted to do D: ,but sometimes the inspiration goes away you know ;w; in games,manga,etc. Haha well I really hope y'all like it :'D.
Hola holaa 8D muahaha! buenitas weno aqui traigo algunos icons, no son muchos pero deww 9o9 con algo se empieza no? xDDU -muy positiva- weno disfrútenlos :'D bae.

♛ 22 ICONS
# bokura ga ita (12)
# miyavi (10

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17 February 2010 @ 09:58 pm

Hiii 8DD! there are weird people who would affiliate to ninawako but  . . .  who knows 9o9!  so if you want to do it,  I will adore youu seriously :'D -look at my joy face!- if it is a community or journal it doesn't matter, we have only to have common interest! like manga,anime,icons,blablabla,etc ~ Bye bye!

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17 February 2010 @ 04:21 am

Thanks to all these persons who can make this happen :'D
muchas gracias a todos en serio, son unos geniooos -es brillante brillantee *O*!-

arigatoo >3<

the freakin genious sources.Collapse )


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17 February 2010 @ 03:53 am

Welcome to ninawako :'D! I hope that you'll find everything you need while you stay here.Ninawako is a community who will bring to you anime,j-rock,random icons and some other stuff 8D. So! I think that's pretty all DDD:! somehow in my vacacions' last days I will do icons and icons @_@ . . .This is a spanglish community so, its entries will be in spanish for my hispanoamerican people :'DDD because I'm peruvian! Anyway 9o9! We'll see yaa :*
Oh! I almost forgot this asdasadas!

Comment and credit if you take some of some post (?)
Don't steal anything DD: * it will make me cry ;__; *
Have fuun :'DDD *haha that can not fail xDD*

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